Our Technology

Technical Information

dataWerks has pioneered an innovative data virtualization solution that offers a radically new approach to delivering real time business insights. The concepts behind the core product ‘dataWerks’ were conceived in 2012 and filed for patent in 2013.

What It´s For

dataWerks enables real time
data virtualization and enterprise
data mashup without data
replication. It reads and analyzes
data from multiple sources, including
structured, unstructured,
big data and social media within

Integrated insights
can be quickly generated and
delivered via multiple channels
at half the cost and half the
time when compared to legacy data
warehousing technology.


NO – Mass Data Replication
NO – Mass Data Storage
NO – New Data Architecture



YES – Real-Time
YES – High Data Volumes
YES – High Performance
YES – Unlimited Sources
YES – All Data Types
YES – Agility and Speed
YES – Scalability
YES – Low Cost

How It Works

dataWerks‘ proprietary technology
reuses the principles of a
book index. It stores the References
to the actual information
and keeps them up-to-date in
real time, without adding any
overhead to the source systems.
All operations, aggregations
and analysis can be done on
those References without
touching the underlying
sources again. This takes out the
complexity of federating queries
across multiple systems and
formats or transforming them
into a unified format.

Seamless Data Access

Connect to a virtually infinite number of data sources and data volume


dataWerks comes with pre-integrated support for most data platforms (e.g., databases, big data stores) and data formats (e.g., MS Word, Excel, PDF).

dataWerks can seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and processes.

Referencing - Avoid data movement and the latency that comes with it
Referencing - Avoid data movement and the latency that comes with it

During the Referencing process, dataWerks is creating meta information for the actual data that resides in the connected data sources. This doesn’t require any data replication and is done in a way that doesn’t add overhead to the original sources. The References are stored as part of the dataWerks installation at the customer’s site.

The way the meta information is created during Referencing, completely avoids the need of creating yet another data model. Together with the seamless data access, this allows fast and simple extension of any dataWerks installation.

Data Mashups and Querying - Delivering results on-the-fly
Data Mashups and Querying - Delivering results on-the-fly

The Data Mashup Layer works hand in hand with the References. Receiving the queries, the Data Mashup Layer accesses the References using a Domain Specific Language (DSL).

The Queries formulated in the DSL deliver distinct result from the References that are then mashed up to result sets before they are being returned.

Publishing and Interfacing - Empowering end users
Publishing and Interfacing - Empowering end users

dataWerks offers its own web interface to access data, eg. delivering 360° view of customers and slicing and dicing of results. It can also feed dashboards via web services and the dataWerks Connector allows rapid integration of 3rd party applications using a JDBC connection, widely supported by off-the-shelf BI and Visualization tools.

This allows business users to keep using their preferred tool to access data and taking full advantage of dataWerks’ unique capabilities.

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