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Maximize the full potential of your data

What dataWerks Can Do for Your Company

Get valuable insights for your business decisions. Take full advantage of your potential to maximize your profit and create new business ideas. Be ready within a very short time with patented dataWerks technology and save money now.

What Problems Does dataWerks Solve for You?

Data such as customer or product information is stored on different, often incompatible storage sources. Up until now, a comprehensive analysis of customer profiles – a compilation of data from various sources such as production, sales and HR has been very difficult or even impossible. Now dataWerks gives you the opportunity to bridge and combine the various systems in your company and use data holistically.

Get to Know Product During dataWerks Pilot Phase

During the dataWerks pilot phase you can make the best use of those data potentials you haven’t been using up until now. All information are put on the proverbial table and made available for your decision making process. Thanks to our innovative data visualization technology, you get the desired results within the shortest time-frame possible.

1 month

Analysis of your infrastructure and demand. Outlining a solution.

2 month

Connecting and integrating the data sources.

3 month

Finalization, possible modifications, going live.

Absolutely free if you join now before the end of September!

We are thrilled to introduce our all-new pilot version that will run for 3 months at absolutely no charge (if you start using it before the end of September 2018). You will not be paying for neither our worker’s salaries in Frankfurt nor for the costs associated with hardware and software deployment.

What Happens After Pilot Phase?

If you continue using our product you will only pay a licence fee as per offer. If you want us to connect additional data sources or do further implementations, we’ll be happy to make you a separate offer based on your demands.

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