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dataWerks GmbH (also referred to as “Company” and “We”) owns (also the “web site”) and is providing the following statement as its Privacy Policy to guide all users of the web site. This is as a result of our strong commitment to the privacy of our users, partners and customers. This Privacy Policy applies to the data and all other information collected directly and indirectly through the web site. It will therefore, detail how we collect information, how we use them and how we guarantee the privacy of our users.

It should be noted that this Privacy Policy is binding only on this web site and does not extend to other web sites from which or to which you are directed. For those other web sites, we are not responsible for the privacy practices applicable there or the fine prints of their privacy policies.

Furthermore, any changes made to our Privacy Policy will be posted on this page and can be accessed at any time. While we may communicate such changes to our clients, customers and users, we require that they stay abreast of changes by constantly referring to this page. Therefore, continued use of the web site will be deemed as acceptance of changes made to this Privacy Policy.

What Information Do We Collect?

We do not collect identifiable information about you unless you log into the restricted area of our web site. The information we collect upon logging in is to help identify you and personalize your experience of the web site. These information can be personal or non-personal. Non-personal information will be collected during your visit to the web site. Information falling under this category include your internet history of search terms, URL visited and preferences. These are to help make your browsing experience seamless by pulling information from last visits and general preferences about the presentation and content of the web site.

Personally identifiable information are never collected without your express permission. These are information your person and include your name, address, e-mail address and phone number. Generally, any information which you do not make available to the public is deemed personal information. Such information will only be collected by this web site through your voluntarily filling survey or registration forms.

How Do We Use The Information Collected?

The information you provide us are used only for the very purpose for which they are collected.

In addition, we can also use your information to contact you or have our partners contact you regarding qualifying offers consistent with your submitted preferences. In such cases, such contacts shall be by e-mail and you can use the opt-out feature to stop receiving further offers from any of such sources.

The Company may likewise disclose all information with it should it transfer its ownership unto another entity of the same Company following internal reorganization.

How Do We Use Information Gathered From Your Browsing History?

The only cases for using your IP address are when we need to troubleshoot our servers and networks and as we administer our web site to serve you better.

The use of Internet Cookies (small files resident on your computer intended to keep a memory of your preferences on all the sites you visit) will be to provide you with a better user experience that does not involve repetitive submissions of your data to our web site as well as deliver content shaped by your preferences.

Contents including outside banner ads displayed on our web site may carry their own cookies. We do not have access to these cookies and cannot, therefore, vouch for their implementation. Therefore, cookies apart from ours will be administered according to privacy policies different from this. However, you reserve the right to decline the implementation of cookies either by us or by our partners, although such may lead to inconsistent user experience.


By implementing industry standard security measures, we will take every step necessary within available capabilities to protect all your personal information under our control, against loss, misuse and unsanctioned modifications.


To opt out of receiving certain communications from our partners or the Company, send an email to

However, you may not opt out of certain mandatory communications with the Company including messages relating to services and administration of your account(s) unless you are terminating your relationship with the Company.

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Should you have further questions about any aspect of this Privacy Policy, our products and services or the administration of the web site, please contact us by email from contact.

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