Big Data Solution From dataWerks: Enable Real Time Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions

dataWerks provides data integration software that delivers genuine user empowerment by giving business users the ability to access and mashup multiple data sources in real time. dataWerks virtualizes your data so that it can be accessed by your preferred off-the-shelf BI tool using ODBC/JDBC connectivity. No retraining of users is necessary because they can continue to use familiar BI applications. Bottom line: deploying dataWerks enables business users to ‘plug and play’ with massive data sets and with minimal disruption to existing processes. Big data integration is possible today! Talk to us to find out more.

Data Integration Now: Real Time Information for Decision Making

Access any number of data sources in real time without any reduction in their performance. dataWerks has the data integration tools and the underlying data integration platform to make it happen.

Avoid Data Migration Projects thanks to dataWerks

Data sources are not performant enough or their structure doesn’t support your analytics needs? Instead of migrating to new data sources or technologies, integrate your existing ones using dataWerks’ data integration tools. That way, you can leverage your existing data sources by making them accessible, typically in real-time, and by integrating them with all your other data sources.

Data Lakes Just Don’t Cut It - they just move the problem

With dataWerks’ big data integration tools, you create a single point of access to all your data and you control access by user role. dataWerks connects to all your data sources thereby removing the need to create specific environments or data lakes for different units, departments or stakeholders.

Immediate Results and Incremental Improvements

Our data integration solutions lets you see results right from the start and with each data source that you integrate using dataWerks, increasingly more information can be accessed and used for making better decisions. Avoid long waits which are inevitable with complex data models or drawn out ETL projects. Instead, start querying the integrated data immediately and then refine and expand the information over time by adding more and more data sources.

Avoid Data Lakes: Simplify Customer 360 and CX Projects

Customer information usually sits in multiple data silos. Different stakeholders throughout your organisation need to look at customer data differently. Instead of data lake implementations which take forever, use dataWerks’ data integration tools to virtualise the entire data set and provide different stakeholders with a unified view of the entire data set.

Big Data Solutions That Succeed: Making Data Integration Projects Successful Again

Over the past decades, many data integration projects have failed and many data lake implementations have come up short. Too much data, too many sources, too many structures and not the right tools. dataWerks redefines the way data integration projects are executed.

What questions do you need answered? Where does the data sit? Let’s go!

Some facts about DataWerks’ Data Integration Platform

Save up to 90% of Data Volume

Save up to 90% of Data Volume

When data is indexed as part of the dataWerks layer, we avoid data replication by only storing the essence of the data, including meta information. The result is a reduction in storage of up to 90%.

Get results in Under One Second

Get results in Under One Second

When querying with Google, have you ever waited longer than 1 second for the results to appear? dataWerks applies similar principles and guaranteees query times that are simply not possible with other technologies – and dataWerks enables them across disparate data sources.

Complete Data Integration Projects Completed in Weeks

Complete Data Integration Projects Completed in Weeks

Adding and removing data sources is as simple as plug and play. This is achieved by mapping the data source’s structure in a simple way which negates the need to create or apply a new data model.

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