Wulf Backhaus Founder, Partner, CEO

We Are dataWerks

Incorporated in 2011 in Switzerland, dataWerks has pioneered an innovative data virtualization solution that offers a radically new approach to delivering real time business insights. Over time the concepts behind our core product ‘dataWerks’ were conceived and we filed for patent in early 2013. Our growing customer base in both the enterprise and public sector spans Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. Our strategic vision remains focused on delivering ‘disruptive’ innovation to clients with complex heterogeneous data architectures, but who desire real time enablement to their operations.

In 2014

dataWerks expanded its R&D labs in Germany to service its growing global client base. We employ a highly talented engineering team to help evolve the capability of dataWerks through a well funded and structured roadmap. We execute the highest standard of quality management to deliver on our promises to clients. Whilst we have tailored solutions to individual client needs, we remain committed to a common core product and invest heavily in keeping dataWerks on a path of innovation.

In 2015

We reorganized our delivery capability to achieve tighter alignment within the business. All professional services including our system integration, consulting, support and training resources now being delivered from our German office. Our teams now work within a common end-to-end quality framework and management structure. We foster innovation through a flat organization structure, deployment of Agile development methodologies and by employing and empowering people from a diverse set of technological and industry backgrounds. We encourage and incentivize non traditional thinking and approaches, as we believe that this is key to disruptive innovation.

In 2016

Delivering one of dataWerks’ biggest success stories in summer 2016 in Orlando, Florida, was followed by an investment of private equity investor Finatem, from Frankfurt. Together, we sharpened our vision of leading a new industry standard in data management and setting the base for turning our diverse project experience into a single platform that allows scaling globally. At the same time we started expanding our partnerships around the globe.

In 2017

This year was mainly focused around growth and expanding our team. We have been bringing together people from more than 12 countries at our Frankfurt office. In parallel with our global activities, we prepared out Go-To-Market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In 2018

It has been an exciting year so far, meeting many different companies from different industries. Even though they differ in size, from mid size companies to global enterprizes, they all have the same challenges of providing their business users with more accurate information, faster. We are committed to take on the presented challenges and also started to share more on previous projects, success stories and are happy about the response from the market and the press.

We are partner friendly

We actively identify and recruit partners to build a relevant value network, which is beneficial to our clientsWe engage with system integrators and technology vendors through a formal partner model. Our partner program includes support of innovation centers, training and accreditation of partner resources, specialist consulting support and joint marketing.


  • Wulf Backhaus
    Wulf Backhaus Founder, Partner, CEO

    After graduating from Göttingen University in 1999 in Business Administration, Wulf started his career as an investment banker at JP Morgan in London before becoming an entrepreneur with now more than 10 years experience in the internet, payment and software industry.

  • Tony Andris
    Tony Andris Founder, Partner, CTO

    Tony is a founder and the CTO of dataWerks. He is a veteran of a number of New Economy startups, and has deep domain expertise in data architecture and analytics.  Starting at Dubai Media City, in globally distributed Product Development, he soon started his entrepreneurial career focusing on Online Marketing and Advertising. Tony has been focused on the analytics and data management domain for over 7 years. As one of the founders of the company, Tony plays an important role across technology and market development and has been an important contributor in the development of dataWerks’ patent pending technology.  He has substantial international experience across EMEA, Asia Pacific and North America. He graduated from the University of Rostock, Germany , in Business Informatics.

  • Klaus Lindinger
    Klaus Lindinger Digital Innovation Officer & Head of Sales

    Klaus has 30 years of experience especially in Go to Market and business development, digital innovation and transformation. Started in sales controlling, spent decades in global and strategic account management, in sales leadership and general management roles. He studied at University of Applied Sciences Koblenz, EI. CESI Paris and at Europäische Wirtschaftsakademie of Berlin (now Demos) and holds a masters degree in global management. He has published numerous articles and is a regular speaker at 
Big Data conferences.

  • Joerg Pretzel
    Joerg Pretzel Chairman

    In 2003, Joerg Pretzel became sole CEO of GS1 Germany GmbH. He also represents the company, well-known for the EAN barcode, on an international level in the Board of GS1 and as Co-Chairman of GS1 in Europe. From 1997 until 2003, Joerg Pretzel was Vice President Marketing & Sales at Herlitz PBS AG and Uvex GmbH. Before then he worked for 15 years at A.C. Nielsen GmbH, last as CEO Central Europe and as Vice President Sales. Jörg Pretzel holds diploma in Business Administration from the University of Munster.

  • Heiner Diefenbach
    Heiner Diefenbach CHAIRMAN

    Heiner Diefenbach is a member of the management of Engineering ITS AG, the German entity of Engineering SPA, Italy and CEO of DST IT-services GmbH a subsidiary which is focused on outsourcing and SAP consulting. He is member of several supervisory boards, serves as a lecturer at the Technical University of Darmstadt, authored several books and articles and serves on the board of the VWI (Verband Deutscher Wirtschaftsingenieure e.V.).

  • Prof. O. Günther, Ph.D.
    Prof. O. Günther, Ph.D. Vice Chairman

    Oliver Günther is President of the University of Potsdam and former President of the German Informatics Society (GI).  From 1993 until 2011 Oliver Günther was Professor of Information Systems at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He serves as a board member to various government agencies and high-tech companies. Oliver Günther holds Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from UC Berkeley.

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